Wednesday, July 11, 2007

nyc2123 on the ZUNE

Holy crap! I was looking for a one-line blurb we had written describing nyc2123 so I hopped on over to the wikipedia entry thinking it might be there and what did I find? Someone has converted the whole shebang into a ZUNE friendly format. Sweeeeeeet. Now this is why we made it Creative Commons and gave ya'll the source files. A big, big thanks to Rob Banagale at bittersweet being for hooking this up (way back in January, actually). Sorry we didn't notice it earlier.

Download the ZUNE version of nyc2123 over at bittersweet being.


Blogger Coolyfett said...

Are you guys still around??

6:51 PM, July 31, 2008  
Blogger Coolyfett said...

Im very interested in you guys and your product. Hopefully you guys have not quit.....hopefully.

6:53 PM, July 31, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff mate, I really like these comics, I've installed a lot of these on my friends PSPs as well. I find it's good to have it downgraded.

I got my psp downgraded from Pandora Battery, Now I can play the comics on my psp.

7:45 PM, August 16, 2008  

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